Remember the good times
Before it becomes black


oh my god



when you get older do old people start becoming attractive to you like when I’m 70 are 70 year old men gonna look hot like this is a legitimate concern of mine

i already find many 50 year old men attractive. i fear for my future

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on my way to the emergency room


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TFiOS: A Summary


…that’s the most brilliant joke I’ve ever beheld.

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raise your hand if you’ve got the sweetest followers and you appreciate each and every one
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"We live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity"

Um ok but I don’t recall my virginity having 16 GB of memory with all my contacts, music, photos, calendars, and apps or costing over $200.

my phone is an expensive and important material object and not a useless social construct put in place to shame and commodify women

Plus I remember where I lost my virginity.

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"Get lost, kids".

"Fuck off, kids".

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The Great Gatsby 2
… they thought he was dead…
……..but they rebuilt him…
…faster … stronger … smarter…
old sports die hard
The Great Gatling-Gunsby
West Egg is about to be Scrambled

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Let’s “cuddle” and when I say cuddle I mean aggressively makeout and grab me everywhere

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Every man wanted her. But one man dared to love her.